Votiefhoofd van albast, stucwerk en bitumen
Wadi Bayhan, 1e eeuw BC – 30,2×18,2×17,3 cm.

Learning through art

school project

Encounters between East- West through the eyes of a child / young adult.

Collaboration with the Pontes Goese Lyceum and a school class inYemen (Sanaa): Education in which the exchange of Art and Culture arechallenges. And in which both school classes immerse themselves in thecountry, a piece of cultural history and society by making short – experimental art films / sculptures / poetry / drawings and writing letters.
Guest lectures are given by Yemeni refugees including the professor, poet, writer and literary scholar Saeed Al-Gariri and Ingrid van de Linde.
The result will be presented in a separate exhibition in Goes and / or online on this website.

Foto’s of the class of the teacher Mireille Hentenaar | Pontes College Goese Lyceum: letters for children in Yemen.

Votive stele / Stone tablet with Sabaic inscription addressed to the moon god Almaqah and on the right side: Temple of Awwān | Marib also known as the Mahram Bilqis.

Prehistoric Handprints Hadhramaut Region

Guest lecture by Ingrid van de Linde; a journey through the history of the country Yemen once known as the Arabia Felix and her own travel experiences through Yemen.

Today, April 22 2022, I received a nice contribution of the Pontes/Goese Lyceum: Personal messages for Yemeni children, made in the class of Mireille Hentenaar as the result of an workshop  about Yemen.

E:  infochildrenofyemen@gmail.com | W: childrenofyemen.org

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