Personal text Marjolein Wijninckx: “My name is Marjolein Wijninckx. In 1999, I got the opportunity to get to know Yemen when I was a tour guide taking Dutch tourists around the Middle East. The beauty of the country and its people left a deep impression on me. That was also when I met Ingrid. Twenty years later, Ingrid contacted me about her idea for this project and I was immediately enthusiastic to contribute.
In the meanwhile I had become part of PAX, a Dutch peace organization, where I had worked on different peacebuilding projects in the Middle East.
I am glad to be part of the project “Children of Yemen”, as I think it is important to keep attention for the horrific war in Yemen, of which civilians bear the brunt. In my work I have seen that in the midst of war, art is an important means to preserve humanity and beauty and to build human connections.”
Personal motivation Jon Coosen (Birthday in 1948): “At 73 years old I am fortunate to have had a rich and interesting life and working on several research expeditions internationally. I have travelled extensively, but I have never been in Yemen though this country had my interest for a long time: the rich history, the complicated form of government with the rivalling factions. But unfortunately the war continues, for many a reason, not in the least because of poverty.
I support Ingrid in this project as secretary of the foundation KK9. Trying to get financial support and deliberations how to shape the project.
Foundation KK9 initiates projects in the field of visual art; organizing and participating in art projects that challenge and connect. We would like to pay attention to the situation of children  through cultural activities in which education plays an important role. With “Children of Yemen” we focus on the country that used to be known as Arabia Felix, the Happy Arabia. The ultimate goal is an exhibition that aims to bridge the gap between two cultures. We draw attention to the diversity in the world, in search of what connects us. Children feel that connection best and therefore take a central position in this project”. The foundation does not aim to make a profit.
More information:

• Ingrid van de Linde – independent filmmaker, visual artist and projectmanager of the project
• Jon Coosen – member of the Cultural Council of Goes and secretary of the KK9 foundation
• Marjolein Wijninckx – program leader Middle East/ PAX for Peace
• Gamal (Jamal) Badr Al-Aghbari – Public Health Specialist CORDAID/KIT Royal Tropical Instititute
• Reina van de Korput – head of the bilingual department at Pontes / Goese Lyceum
• Rajin Alqallih-van der Zijde – project leader Iraq/ Yemen /PAX for Peace
• Ali Al-Ganad – A freelancer, passionate about social work, Trade and Finance

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