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A Message to the World by Ghida Adnan Muhammed Seif from Aden. Ghida has also filmed the two girls Ghada Gafar and Raghad Muhyiddin and bought materials such as drawing pencils and paper so that the children can draw their dreams.


My name is Ghida Adnan Muhammad Seif, I am 22 years old, I study at the Computer University, specializing in computer software. I dream and aspire. I hope to live in peace, love and security. I love children and wish to help parents. I do not have a job. I only sell some goods to save money for the university. I hope to study English, I love it  A lot, but teaching English is not cheap. I hope to open my own store in which I sell the products that I love. When I collect money, I buy clothes for homeless children, bags and shoes. I try and try to make the ones I love happy. I hope to achieve my dreams and my beautiful dream is to make the people around me happy.. I take responsibility My family and daily expenses. I am looking for any job that might raise the standard of living and open my own project. I will always try to achieve everything I wish for. I thanked you, my friend, for delivering the message in the video, and I hope that the message of the children and my country that I love will be conveyed to the world.




Abeer Hardami: The woman fighting for the arts amid conflict in Yemen, has asked two Children for their creative contribution for this website.
You will find their contributions below at a later date.

E:  infochildrenofyemen@gmail.com | W: childrenofyemen.org

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