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Children of Yemen is created because as a visual artist I wanted to give something back to the country where I was once a guest. The war in Yemen is long, too long. A safe society cannot be taken for granted. But art can push boundaries and create new possibilities.  Read more…

I'm looking for you

The Search: Looking for children photographed in 1999 in Yemen by Ingrid van de Linde  Looking for hidden stories to reveal.  Read more…

the art of children

Children in Yemen, aged 9 to 13 years are invited to make a piece of art to share online with the public. Art that aims to bring Hope and Peace closer.             
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the art of language

Poems and stories by Yemeni writers & poets.
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children of yemen:

Video afspelen

A poetic visual story that balances between photography and film. Music: ‘Inner Peace’ from the album “Devine Music for Meditation by Avi Adir & Atmani. 

peace project

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speaker's corner

Speaker’s corner / guests speakers & guest artists: Stories of hope and andworks about children in wartime. Read & Listen more… 

learning through art

Schoolproject/ Encounters between East & West through the eyes of a child / young adult. Read more…


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